As an Outdoor Educator on our journey programs, you will support students in diverse locations around the country to learn more about themselves and others. You will help empower young people, develop persistence, resilience, creativity, emotional intelligence, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Not bad for a job, is it? 

Outdoor Educator Journeys


Outdoor education influences young people’s preparedness for their future by building and harnessing vital skills to ensure they are real world ready. Students need to be engaged in designed learning to prepare them with skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.


As a Journeys Outdoor Educator, you will encourage, excite and lead students in some of the most stunning and impactful locations around the country. Working in these great locations you will be away from home for stretches of time, helping young people to master resilience through camping and outdoor activities.


Whether you are starting your career or looking for a new challenge, our Learning and Development team take your professional development pathway in hand and design your initial entry, and then you take your career trajectory and work with us on your next steps.


Join our Journeys team and empower young people in the outdoors.



The Outdoor Education Group is one of the largest providers of outdoor learning in Australia with a reputation for quality and innovation.


As an Outdoor Educator you will facilitate programs that aid The Outdoor Education Group to realise the potential to make outdoor learning accessible to more young people.

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We have state-specific positions, so please let us know whether you are interested in Outdoor Educator roles in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia or Western Australia.


Start dates are dependent on the Recognised Prior Learning process.

  • NSW intake starts the 6th April
  • VIC intakes are 9th March* (TBC) then the 6th April 2021 
  • SA intake starts the 6th April, 2021 (dependent on borders as it is run in VIC)
  • WA will have a  rolling intake throughout 2021

* depending on RPL process


Role Overview - Outdoor Educator Journeys


As a member of The Outdoor Education Group Outdoor Learning Division and a direct report to a Program Coordinator, you will:
  • Take responsibility in the scope of your role for the performance, reputation and growth of The Outdoor Education Group.
  • Work collaboratively with your colleagues to manage and support day to day activities.
  • Role model passion for the benefits of outdoor education for the development of young Australians.
  • Role model The Outdoor Education Group values of respect and taking responsibility for self, others and the natural world.
  • Support the implementation of key strategies and actions that support the achievement of The Outdoor Education Group’s strategic vision and objectives.
  • Participate in and support the overall work of The Outdoor Education Group.
Your Responsibilities - Outdoor Educator Journeys


As an Outdoor Educator your responsibilities will include:

  • Lead groups in compliance with The Outdoor Education Group’s risk management practice and policies as outlined in the Field Practice Manual.
  • Maintain and promote the welfare of the group, using support network as needed to resolve conflict and develop a positive group climate in meeting program challenges.
  • Facilitate effective group interaction and individual learning at all times (based on core values of respect and responsibility) using our Theory of Change model.
  • Deliver the specified educational framework and facilitate a transfer of these to the participants’ home and school environment as part of the ‘entire experience’.
  • Develop and maintain effective professional relationships with the school staff members and other support staff (internal and external) while on program.
  • Complete all rostered projects and other work to a professional standard and to meet the specified requirements of that work.
  • Practice and teach minimal impact, encourage discussion and behaviour that promotes these principles.
  • Be accountable for the care of all gear, resources and equipment in your control.
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To The Outdoor Education Group you bring:

  • A passion for outdoor education and the benefit it brings to the building of social capital in young Australians.
  • A passion for having a positive social impact.
  • Ability to maintain professionalism and establish clear levels of communication with regards to needs of the program, in-field program management & leadership with our clients.
  • Ability to adopt leadership strategies which account for changes to the group; individuals and nature of the program.
  • Ability to manage the needs of the group and program in relation to wellbeing, safety briefings and risk management systems.
  • Ability to identify and manage hazards on a continual basis.
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge of activity-specific incident trends
  • Ability to utilise a range of facilitation practices to maintain an educational focus and create a positive learning environment.
  • Ability to apply teaching practices such as lesson planning, identifying learning preferences & utilising teaching resources to support learning.
  • Your logbook of activity
  • WFA for NSW, SA and VIC
  • Remote First Aid for WA
Join The Outdoor Education Group


The Outdoor Education Group is a for-purpose organisation, seeking to make learning outdoors accessible to all young Australians. We design and deliver dynamic and inspiring outdoor education programs to help students thrive in the real world.


Founded in 1984, our not for profit position enables us to provide outdoor education to schools and community groups across the country, while investing to improve the opportunities offered to more young Australians.


The Outdoor Education Group works with schools across the country to bring education outdoors and supports students to become real world ready.


Our team support and deliver outdoor education for more than 48,000 students each year in locations across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australian, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania.